Arnulf Grubler explains how energy use impacts the Earth

A British student wonders how the energy issue will impact our planet. Yale professor and ‘energy futurist’ Arnulf Gruber responds, and talks about what kids can do to help.

Another student asks the scientists …

Morgan: I’m Morgan and I’m from Britain. How do you think the energy issue will impact our planet?

EarthSky asked Arnulf Grubler, a Yale professor and an ‘energy futurist.’ He creates future scenarios – which use scientific thinking to create stories about more efficient global energy use.

Arnulf Grubler: Energy is already impacting the planet. And if we don’t change our energy system, we will impact our planet even more in the future. We have too little clean energy for the poor of this planet, and we have too much energy from consumption of the rich, that pollute the environment.

Grubler said fossil fuel burning causes air pollution. Plus greenhouse gases from fossil fuels are said to be causing global climate change. Grubler said young people like Morgan can help.

Arnulf Grubler: They have to bear the consequences of our inaction, so they should beat their parents and say, do something about it! Say ‘I don’t need to be picked up after the soccer game in an SUV.’ Because the parents will not get it, otherwise.

Grubler believes that when kids take action, it offers a unique opportunity to rescue the environmental future.

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