Drug resistant Staphylococcus bacteria

^BMRSA: antibiotic resistant bacterium.^b Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of a section through a methicillin-resistant ^IStaphylococcus^i ^Iaureus^i (MRSA) bacterium. This bacterium is resistant to most antibiotic drugs. ^IStaphylococcus^i ^Iaureus^i is a Gram-positive spherical (coccus) bacterium. Here, its capsule (red), cell wall (green) and DNA (^Ideoxyribonucleic^i ^Iacid^i) genetic material (yellow) are seen. ^IS. aureus^i can cause boils, abscesses and wound infections. MRSA is of serious concern in hospitals and has caused dangerous outbreaks, particularly in geriatric wards. Its spread may be very hard to control. Magnification: x41,500 at 6x7cm size. x144,000 at 7.5×9.5 inch size.

October 28, 2011

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