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EarthSky 22: Planet with two suns

Host: Jorge Han Solo Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Luke Skywalker Brennan

Credit: Lucasfilms

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Admiral Ackbar Byrd, Beth Princess Leia Organa Lebwohl, Ryan Anakin Skywalker Britton, Emily Padmé Amidala Howard

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Science news of the week:

La Niña returns. More extreme weather for remainder of 2011?

U.S. Senate throws a lifeline to James Webb Space Telescope.

Two-million-year-old fossil skeletons uncovered in South Africa.

Does a nearby dwarf galaxy create our Milky Way’s spiral arms?

Announcing 50 new exoplanets.

This week’s featured stories:

A new rocket! NASA Administrator Charles Bolden spoke with EarthSky about NASA’s plan to create a new rocket for human space exploration of asteroids, deep space, and even the planet Mars. Hmm. New rocket. Planet with two suns. Road trip?

Image Credit: NASA

Positive science A new study says there is pressure on scientists to report only positive research results. Deborah Byrd explains. Do you trust science?

A planet with two suns! Imagine two sunsets and sunrises each day, seeing two different-colored suns on your horizon. A new planet has been discovered that orbits a binary star system – think Luke Skywalker’s home planet in Star Wars. Astrophysicist Alan Boss describes the planet to Jorge Salazar.

This week’s musical contributors:

Mother Falcon


Sleep Good


The Black and White Years

One Hundred Flowers

September 18, 2011
Human World

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