EarthSky 22 Minutes: November 15, 2010

November’s Blue Moon, NASA’s view of the Gulf Oil spill, dinosaur feathers and more…Plus, awesome tunes!

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Here’s the full lineup for this week’s 22-minute EarthSky, with your host Jorge Salazar

Host Jorge Salazar

Jorge Salazar

Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

Music: One Hundred Flowers, “Rat Trap”

Scientist Soundbite: Richard Prum

Emily Howard reports: Roland Sutter says new vaccine may eradicate polio

Music: Sleep Good , “Fractl”

Jorge Salazar reports: Mark Changizi on the science of illusions

Music: Built by Snow, “Something in 3D”

Deborah Byrd in 1976, at McDonald Observatory

Beth Lebwohl reports: Richard Prum on dinosaur feathers

Music: Dana Falconberry, “Nightingale”

Jorge Salazar reports: Michael Goodman: Tracking the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from space

Music: The Black and White Years, “Modern Science”

Ryan Britton reports on Weird Science: Boa Constrictor reproduces without a mate?

Music: The Black and White Years, “Animal Behaviors”

Lindsay Patterson reports: David Grimaldi finds clues to India’s past in ancient insects

Music: Melogrand, “Savior”

Deborah Byrd reports on the Global Night Sky: When is the next Blue Moon?

Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

EarthSky 22