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EarthSky 22: High fives to our musical contributor … plus find Saturn

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

ES team chillaxin\’ after a hard day on the global science beat. Next week: more pics from when the party really got going. :-)

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Beth Lebwohl, Ryan Britton, Emily Howard

This week’s lineup:
Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic’s explorer-in-residence, talks with Jorge Salazar about the rapidly changing Arctic and the Aspen Institute’s Shared Future report.

EarthSky 22 gives high-fives to The Bright Light Social Hour, Austin Music Awards ‘Band of the Year’:

Weird Science. Ryan Britton reports on treating disease with bee stings, known as Bee Venom Therapy, on this week’s Weird Science.

Global Night Sky. Skywatcher Deborah Byrd on how to spot the planet Saturn this month.

Give me 5 minutes, I’ll give you Saturn

Sunni Robertson of The San Diego Zoo offers examples of biomimicry, design inspired by nature. Beth Lebwohl reports.

This week’s musical contributors:

The Bright Light Social Hour
The Black and White Years
One Hundred Flowers
Box of Baby Birds

The Black and White Year’s have a brand new video for “Cold” off their new album Patterns

March 27, 2011
Human World

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