EarthSky 22 for January 14, 2011

This week’s show is not to be missed. We’ve got an interview with E. O. Wilson, EarthSky’s Science Communicator of the Year. Plus, inside the world’s largest cave!

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Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

Scientist Soundbite: E.O. Wilson

Music: One Hundred Flowers, “Rat Trap”

Jorge Salazar reporting: EarthSky Global Science Advisors select E.O. Wilson as 2010 Science Communicator of the Year

Music: The Black and White Years, “Everything’s Eventual”


Deborah Byrd on the Global Night Sky: The direction of the sun’s motion through the galaxy

Music: Dana Falconberry, “Nightingale”

Ryan Britton on Weird Science on the Internet: Bacteria that can make you smarter

Music: The Bright Light Social Hour, “Men of Earth”

Beth Lebwohl reporting: John Seidensticker on saving wild tigers

Music: Built By Snow “Something in 3-D”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Mark Changizi explains why our eyes face forward


Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

EarthSky 22