EarthSky 22 for December 3, 2010

This week on EarthSky 22, we bring you the science of ancient Mayan agriculture with Google Earth, hamsters with jet lag, how to grow food on the moon, and more. And as always, great music!

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Here’s the lineup for this week’s EarthSky 22 with your host, Jorge Salazar.

Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Managing Producer: Lindsay Patterson

Music: The Black and White Years “Up”

Music: One Hundred Flowers “Rat Trap”

Scientist soundbite: Tim Beach

Emily Howard reporting: Tim Beach uses Google Earth to view ancient Mayan agriculture

Music: The Black and White Years “Modern Science”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Paula Schnurr on what scientists know about PTSD in war veterans

Music: Daniel Webb “Sleeping Pill”


Deborah Byrd reporting: Global Night Sky: December’s Geminid meteor showers put on one of the best shows of the year

Music: Monarchs “Move on out”

Beth Lebwohl reporting: Science of the Weird: What happens when scientists give hamsters jet lag?

Music: One Hundred Flowers “Rat Trap”

Lindsay Patterson reporting: Tanya Smith: Neanderthal teeth reveal short childhood

Music: Boxing Lesson “Dark Side of the Moog”


Beth Lebwohl reporting: Gene Giacomelli on a greenhouse to grow food on the moon

Music: The Black and White Years “Up”

Sky images on this week’s post are courtesy of EarthSky’s fans on Facebook. Thanks to Roxana, Kat, and Majella!