EarthSky 22 for December 17, 2010

The December 2010 lunar eclipse on this week’s EarthSky 22 – listen around 4:30 on your audio player. Plus life within Earth’s crust, private spaceflight yippees, and what whales eat, right here on the best 22 minutes of science and music of your week.

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Here’s the lineup for this week’s EarthSky 22 with your host, Jorge Salazar.

Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Managing Producer: Lindsay Patterson

Music: The Black and White Years “Up”

Music: One Hundred Flowers “Rat Trap”

Scientist soundbite: Stephen Giovannoni

Jorge Salazar reporting: Stephen Giovannoni discovers deepest yet underground life

Music: The Story Of “Hawk Gospel”

Deborah Byrd reporting: Global Night Sky: Don’t miss upcoming solstice lunar eclipse on December 20 or 21

Music: Monahans “We Tremble”



Emily Howard reporting: Clemens Scherzer on cutting-edge Parkinson’s research

Music: Built By Snow “Science of Love”

Ryan Britton reporting: Weird Science: Designer bacteria can repair concrete

Music: Sleep Good “Paperfeet”

Emily Howard reporting: Samantha Price on how blue whales grew big eating tiny creatures

Music: Black and White Years “Modern Science”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Phil Plait on historic SpaceX commercial spaceflight recovery


Lindsay Patterson reporting: Diane Macfarlane on Sierra Nevada foxes caught on camera after 20-year absence

Music: Black and White Years “Up”

EarthSky 22