EarthSky 22 for December 10, 2010

This week on EarthSky 22: We talk to scientists about reprogramming bacteria, trapping antimatter, and discovering giant bubbles in our own Milky Way, and more awesome music.

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Here’s the lineup for this week’s EarthSky 22 with your host, Jorge Salazar.

Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Managing Producer: Lindsay Patterson

Music: The Black and White Years “Up”

Scientist soundbite: Justin Gallivan

Lindsay Patterson reporting: Justin Gallivan programs bacteria to attack harmful chemicals

Music: The Georgian Company “We used to sing”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Jeffrey Hangst creates and traps antimatter

Music: My Education “Peasant Dance”


Ryan Britton reporting: Science of the Weird: A professor installs a camera in the back of his head

Music: Wiretree “Satellite Song”

Emily Howard reporting: Shahzeen Attari on the real energy savers

Music: Household Names “Driving to LA”

Beth Lebwohl reporting: Douglas Finkbeiner: Giant energy bubbles discovered in Milky Way galaxy

Music: Dana Falconberry “Blue Umbrella”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Ron Gelaro: Aqua satellite data improves weather forecasts and models


Music: The Black and White Years “Up”

Sky images on this week’s post are courtesy of EarthSky Facebook fans, Gozar Lee Werk and Edgar Alegre.