$5,000 prize for biomimicry student design challenge

The Biomimicry Institute invites students to design energy-saving solutions inspired by nature.

The Biomimicry Institute, founded by Janine Benyus, has announced the 2011 Student Design Challenge, open to students from any university. The Challenge is to use biomimicry to design a solution that improves energy efficiency and ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions, ideally in the students’ own local area.

The Challenge is deliberately broad to encourage a wide range of approaches and participation by a variety of disciplines. Teams must register by October 1, 2011, to participate.

Velcro was inspired by the tiny hooks found on the surface of burrs. Image Credit: Zephyris

Tent structures inspired by nature. Via The Biomimicry Institute

A branching tree inspired new designs for solar energy harvesting and storage. Image Credit: treehouse1977

Registered teams will receive access to supporting resources including video introductions to biomimicry and Life’s Principles by Benyus and Institute staff. Submissions will be due December 21 and winners announced in February 2012.

Bottom line: The Biomimicry Institute has announced its 2011 Student Design Challenge for new nature-inspired solutions for energy efficiency that ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The deadline to enter is October 1, 2011.

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