EarthSky 22 for January 7, 2011

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Here’s the lineup for this week’s EarthSky 22.

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

Scientist Soundbite: Peter Michelson.

The Black & White Years

Music: The Boxing Lesson, “Dark Side of the Moog”

Music: One Hundred Flowers, “Rat Trap”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Peter Michelson on dark energy, and dark matter. Exploring the universe with gamma rays

Ryan Britton on Weird Science on the Internet: Can you contract a peanut allergy via lung transplant?

Music: Built By Snow, “All the Weird Kids Know”

Emily Howard reporting: Kara Lavender Law: Scientists find ocean garbage patch in the Atlantic Ocean

Music: Dana Falconberry, “Baby Blue Sky”

Jorge Salazar reporting: Jefferson Tester says geothermal energy is alive and well Making electricity from heat stored deep in the earth.

Music: The Black and White Years, “Modern Science”

Emily Howard reporting: Paul Niles says Mars rocks point to a life-hospitable past Ancient rocks on Mars suggest there might have been a habitable environment – underneath the surface of the planet.

Music: Dana Falconberry, “Birthday Song”

Lindsay Patterson reporting: Julia Clarke: Penguin ancestors didn’t wear black and white

Music: The Black and White Years, “Up!”

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EarthSky 22