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Samit Saha
Assam, India
09:40 pm

Equipment Details:

Sky: Nikon D5600 + Tokina 11-16@11mm - f/2.8
Foreground: Nikon D5600 + Tokina 11-16@16mm @f/8
Mini Tripod : Orangemonkie

Post-processing Details:

Photographic Process:
Stacked & Blended
Software Utilized:
DeepSkyStacker (DSS)

Image Details:

Celestial Harmony Over 'Ananda Baptist Church' -

In my quest to capture the elusive beauty of the night sky, I yearned to immortalize the Summer Triangle against the backdrop of the 'Ananda Baptist Church.' Though my hands quivered with excitement, the heavens were in perfect clarity for just a fleeting moment.

At that precise instant, my trusty tracker was busy orchestrating a different cosmic symphony. Undeterred, I crafted an impromptu setup, combining a nimble camera and a steadfast tripod in the serene courtyard of 'Ananda Baptist Church' in Amteka, Assam.

The result of my efforts: a celestial dance, where the Summer Triangle adorned the Milky Way's Cygnus Arm. The sky, painted with a palette of stars...