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Steve Price
Five Mile Pass, Eagle Mountain, Pony Express Trail, Utah
11:10 pm

Equipment Details:

Sony a7s mirrorless camera with Rokinon 24mm lens, MSM star tracker, tripod, intervalometer.

Post-processing Details:

Cropped, denoised.

Image Details:

My location is 32 miles southwest of Salt Lake City and 50 yards north of the historic Pony Express Trail which delivered mail from Missouri to California for 18 months during 1860 - 1862. This is the closest Bortle Class 2 dark sky to my home.

The airglow was very prominent during this session with both green and red bands displaying together. The Pipe Nebula is the hind quarters of the Dark Horse Nebula both of which are visible in the center of this shot.

The Scorpius constellation is to the right of the Milky Way with Antares being the bright yellow orange star located in the Rho Ophiuchi complex. The Lagoon, Trifid, Eagle and other Nebulae are also captured as are some of the star clusters.

The trees in the foreground are Utah Junipers. This is a single 2 minute exposure.