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Osama Fathi
Beni Suef, Egypt
08:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon Z6 Mod, Skywacher star adventurer tracker , Sigma 28-70 mm

Post-processing Details:

Settings :
-Comet Stacke 60 photos ( 30 sec, ISO 1250, 1250, 2500,, f2.8 @50mm
-Foreground : HDR of 6 photos, ISO 1600, at 50 mm

Softwares: Deep Sky Stacker , Pixinsight ,Adobe Photoshop 2022, Astrotools

Image Details:

Meidum: Site of the Broken Pyramid & Remnants of the First True Pyramid, the second oldest pyramid (2613 BC ) in Egypt after Djoser's Pyramid

This pyramid represents the first known attempt at building a "true" pyramid. It started out as a step pyramid until someone decided to attempt to fill in the steps with a smooth straight casing of limestone

The last time this comet appeared was 10 times as long ago as the builders of this pyramid, who lived close to five thousand years ago.