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Sona Shahani Shukla
New Delhi, India
10:56 pm

Equipment Details:

8" Skywatcher Flextube Dobsonian on an EQ Platform
ZWO ASI178MC camera
2.5x Televue Powermate
Svbony UV/IR Filter

Post-processing Details:

Captured in Sharpcap at 151FPS, stacked 45% of 6740 frames in ASi3, Sharpened in Registax and fine tuning in PS.
Sharpcap Settings:
Capture Area=640x480
Colour Space=RGB24

Image Details:

Grateful to the Universe for clear Skies last night when Jupiter was at opposition, can't complain about poor seeing, atleast I saw it, imaged it and happy to share it.
There's never a dull moment when you're observing(or imaging) Jupiter, saw Europa emerge and a few minutes later Io disappeared.
With 121GB data and some 28 AVI's to process, I will share the moments of Europa & Io's appearance & disappearances, in time.