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Meiying Lee
Taipei, Taiwan
04:28 am

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS 600D + SIGMA 60-600mm Lens
Canon EOS 6D + Tamron 24-70mm Lens

Post-processing Details:

This photo is composed in Startrails by stacking 9 images.

Image Details:

On June 28, 2022, the thinnest waning moon on the 30th of the lunar calendar will rise in the northeast, and the moon will be illuminated by only 1.3%. Because of the hills on the horizon, the moon does not appear behind the hills until 4:28 am. It was already bright at about 4:40 am, so there was only about 12 minutes to observe and shoot! It was so joyful to see the corner of the moon emerging from the top of the mountain. So I took photos of the moon, Venus and Mercury. The orbits of the Moon, Venus and Mercury in the photo are from 4:28 am to 4:36 am.