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Jelieta Walinski Ph.D
Leech Lake, Minnesota, USA
04:35 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS 1-DX,
Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3
Manfrotto Tripod
EF16-35mm f/2.8L III USM
Location: Leech Lake, Minnesota, USA

Post-processing Details:

I took 18 frames and stitch it to PTgui Pro so I can align all the stars, the trees, and the planets.

Image Details:

Leech Lake Five Planets Parade

June 24, 2022 the alignment of planets are on peak but in the weather forecast we will be cloudy on this particular day so I captured this alignment at the dawn of June 23, 2022. In order Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The planets are seen in the eastern and southern part of the sky. It is a rare phenomenon. In my point of view which is in Leech Lake, Minnesota, USA I saw in my naked eye the 5 planets and including the moon.

The last planet parade was December 2004, the similarly compact parade of planets graced our skies was in 1864, that according to the guide.

I took the panorama at exactly 4:35 in the morning. What I did was I used my 16-35mm canon lens and I took 18 frames and I stitch it in PTgui so I can align the trees at the lake and align the stars and the planets. It was fun when me and my husband were out there to see this rare event but more fun when I recorded it.

So go out there and see this great moment and have a lifetime experience.