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Tara Mostofi
Pinnacles National Park
03:14 am

Equipment Details:

Canon Eos Ra (factory modified) and 85mm Rokinon Special Edition on Skywatcher Star Adventurer f/2.8, ISO1600, 60"

Post-processing Details:

Photoshop, Astropanel plugin, Topaz Denoise- curves, nebula enhancement, defringing, star reduction, SCNR, noise reduction, slight crop

Image Details:

It wasn't the storm of a lifetime but was still a decent meteor show. In the early morning of the 31st, after hiking around Pinnacles National Park shooting meteors over Bear Gulch Reservoir, and then shooting a Milky Way Panorama, I returned to the campground and only had an hour or so of dark skies left. I set up my Canon Eos Ra (factory modified) on the Skywatcher Star Adventurer and pointed towards the constellation Cygnus in the Milky Way (with the North American Nebula in the bottom of the frame and the Sadr region in the top of the frame) and took 1-minute exposures. This is a single exposure captured at 3:14 am (well after the predicted peak of 10 pm). There is something a little romantic about a single exposure with a meteor for me. I have set up my 85mm lens on a tracker several times during meteor showers and have only caught a few tiny meteors in the past, so it was gratifying to capture one while focused on such a small patch of sky. There are also 2 faint satellite trails in the image