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John Merriam
St Augustine Beach, FL, USA
05:46 am

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS R with 100-400 L Lens

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Image Details:

SCALE. This is the SpaceX Starlink 4-17 Launch from May 6th and there are many photos of this pre-dawn plume. They are awesome pre-dawn, post-dusk given the right weather conditions. The luminesce as the rocket's high enough to catch the sun which is still well below the horizon for those of us on the ground. This was close to an hour before sunrise. The scale is just one of the impressive features. Just right of center in the plume where white fades to orange and black/blue is a commercial airliner crossing in front of it. Keep in mind that jet's perhaps 35000 feet or so up, while the rocket this far in is 50 miles+. Truly one of the highlights of living in Florida or pretty much anywhere along the southeast when the timing is right on these. The rocket's stage two is far left and the bright spot more to the bottom of the white/orange closer to the rocket is the booster.