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David Hoskin
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
10:30 am

Equipment Details:

Lunt 40mm solar telescope, ZWO ASI290MM camera, SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro mount

Post-processing Details:

Best 250 (full disk) and 500 (close-up) frames of video were stacked with AutoStakkert; resulting images were sharpened with IMPPG; levels and contrast were adjusted with Photoshop and false color added.

Image Details:

The image on the left is a full disk hydrogen alpha image of our Sun captured earlier today. Sunspot AR2978 is prominent while sunspot AR2976 is now rotating out of view on the western limb. Prominences, filaments and plage are also visible in this image. The image on the right is a close-up of sunspot AR2978. The filament to the right of the sunspot is of particular interest as it may have produced an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection earlier today.