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Soumyadeep Mukherjee
Pokhriabong, West Bengal, India
12:40 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D3500, Tokina 11-16mm atx-i lens

Post-processing Details:

Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop

Image Details:

Redwoods (The World in Infrared Series).

I have always been fascinated with how the world might look at the infrared spectrum of light. With the help of a modified camera and specialised filter, we can achieve certain views which we can't see otherwise. Our regular dslr cameras have a filter (low-pass) placed infront of its sensor that blocks IR and UV spectrum of light. I used a full-spectrum modified camera (a camera that allows infrared and UV light to hit the sensor) and a 550nm Infrared filter (that allows light above 550nm bandwidth) to achieve this view. Also note that this a false-colour rendition, a common practice with 550, 590 and 720nm IR photography.