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Jelieta Walinski Ph.D
Lake Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
04:00 am

Equipment Details:

Canon 1DX MII, EF35mm f/1.4L II USM, Canon Trigger release, Manfrotto Tripod, Red-Beam head light.

Post-processing Details:

Taken in Raw, processed in Photoshop 23.0. I added a light of light, straightened the horizon, added a little of saturation, then sharpened and denoised it.

Image Details:

I am a woman who collects light from the dark!

Upon knowing that the KP of the Aurora Borealis will be high my husband and I travelled to the Coffee Pot Landing at the Mississippi River, here in Northern Minnesota, USA. When we arrived at the place I saw already the activity of the Northern Lights. So I started taking the photos at 10:30PM. Then at 12:20 in the morning my husband was getting in and out at our truck. I sensed he wanted to sleep already. I said to him give my 20 minutes, then we went home. When we arrvied at our home the northern side of our place was having a lot of light, I was sure it was the Northern Lights. So I get immediately my camera and looked for spot. Again, I started taking photos, I said to myself at least if something happened then I am already ready. Then at 1:20AM the Aurora started to its dance. It was huge so far, so I hurried home to get my other camera and used 16mm lens so I can cover the huge amount of light show. Then at 2:OO I can see it was already overhead. It really lasted for a while. Then I captured this angle on my other camera. The experience was really magical for me. I was not able to hold myself even my tears were falling down my face. Such a magnificent experience.