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Steve Price
My front porch, Draper Utah, USA
07:30 pm

Equipment Details:

Cell phone + telescope on a tripod.

Post-processing Details:

Cropped, rotated, color and contrast edits in Google photos.

Image Details:

My very generous neighbors gave me a telescope. This is a cell phone capture through the eyepiece. Yeah, just holding my phone up to it and...Click!

Real professional, right? Okay I'll read the manual and learn how to use this beast. It weighs about 35-40 kilos with the tripod.

First time I tried even looking through. Put it in my front porch facing south. Using the spotter scope I centered the moon, focused the telescope a little and shot some cell pics.

I did rotate the image correctly and bringing it up on my tablet showed the focusing flaws among other things.

Looking forward to learning how to use it this fall. And maybe capturing a few planets, galaxies and nebulae.