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Eliot Herman
Mayhill NM
03:00 am

Equipment Details:

iTelescope T2

Post-processing Details:


Image Details:

Comet 4p Faye is a historic comet on its 22nd return since discover with a perihelion on September 8 2021, this photo capture being the day before. Discovered in 1843 by Herve Faye when it brightened to naked eye brightness.It is a short period comet with a period of 7.43 years. More recently it has been much fainter and is presently mag 11 on this return and predicted to get significantly brighter. The body of the comet is thought to be about 3.5 km in diameter. This photo is an image stack of 450 seconds that minimizes movement of the comet against the background stars that is obvious in 10 minutes of exposures.