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David Chapman
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
09:50 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon SL3, ISO 100 , Canon EF-s 55-250 mm @ 191 mm, f/5.6, 0.6 s

Post-processing Details:

Processed for lens vignetting, brightness, and contrast in PhotoShop

Image Details:

I went to a hilltop near home 39 hours after the partial solar eclipse to catch the planet Venus and the slender crescent Moon before they set. The Moon was 4º above the horizon and was illuminated 2.2%. In my binoculars I could see Earthshine. The local Mi'kmaq First Nations call this Trees Fully Leafed Time or "Nipniku's [nib-nee-goos] in their language. This is based on their word for leaf, which is "nipi" [nib-bee] and related to their word for summer, which is "nipk" [nip-guh].