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Ji-Hoon Kim
Korea, Seoul
06:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Closer... (Saturn and Jupiter 2020.12.20)

2020. 12. 20 Saturn and Jupiter are finally in one view of the CCD.

The equipment used

Telescope-5 inch refracting telescope
Camera-QHY 5-III-462C
Equator HEQ5 PRO
Exposure-Gain, Exp are as low as possible, Gamma is a little high

If so

Jupiter's stripes and moons are also photographed. Since it is not a still image (photo), the correct exposure value is
You have to tune in while watching in action. (Sure, Saturn gets dark, but not completely)

Shooting with 1000Frame, 60FPs like this, the result was as follows.
One regrettable thing is that it would be nice to include Saturn’s satellite Titan, but that’s not so.

In the case of Titan, it can be stored if it is enlarged at high magnification, but this time it is not so ㅠㅠ
Certainly, the planet seems to be the answer to the CCD rather than the DSLR.

(If you increase the magnification, the image darkens and requires more exposure, but in that case, it can also contain Titan)

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