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Victor C. Rogus (FRAS)
Sedona, Arizona
12:58 pm

Equipment Details:

Home built 103mm refractor, Losmandy GM-8 mount Baader planetarium safety wedge.

Post-processing Details:

adjusted contrast and brightness in Adobe.

Image Details:

As seen to me just now, states: Giant sunspot AR2778 has a sidekick. Another sunspot, AR2779, is growing right beside it. Note how each sunspot has a +/- magnetic polarity. This identifies them as members of new Solar Cycle 25. Together, they are so far the largest sunspot group of the young solar cycle. At the moment, the sunspots are crackling with minor C-class solar flares. Bigger explosions are possible. AR2788 has a "beta-gamm a" magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class flares, potentially capable of causing shortwave radio blackouts and strong geomagnetic storms