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Dennis Wilde
Transit Dreams Observatory, Campobello, SC
11:50 pm

Equipment Details:

C14 Edge, F11, with a 2x Powermate, making the effective focal length F22 (7832mm). The scope is mounted on a SB MX+ mount. The camera is an ZWO ASI224C planetary cam. The equipment is housed inside the Transit Dreams Observatory with a 10' Home Dome. The SkYX software runs the mount.

Post-processing Details:

Firecapture was used to capture video of the planet. Autostakkert was used stack the best 3% of 4000 video frames into a usable image. Registax was used to sharpen the data using wavelets. Photoshop and Pixinsight were used to sharpen, adjust the contrast, reduce noise in the final image.

Image Details:

I'm usually chasing near Earth asteroids at TDO (Transit Dreams Observatory) to help confirm new objects for the MPC. With Mars at opposition, I decide to take a break and see what I could get from the red planet This image, centered on the Mare Cimmerium region, was captured from the best 3% of 4000+ video frames and processed with multiple software apps to create the image. -Dennis Wilde