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Peter Lowenstein
Mutare, Zimbabwe
05:45 am

Equipment Details:

Hand-held and tripod-mounted Panasonic Lumic DMC-TZ60 in sunset mode.

Post-processing Details:

Photoshop Elements 15 - compilation of montage consisting of two still images and two time-lapse mosaics

Image Details:

Beautiful Sunrise and Rolling Sunset
Twice a year (within a fortnight of the equinoxes), the advancing or retreating Sun as viewed from my location in Mutare can (if the sky is clear) be seen rising in the east between two Acacia Trees on a hill in Cecil Kop Nature Reserve and then setting in the west by appearing to ‘roll’ down the southern slope of Murahwa Mountain. Yesterday (October 3rd) both displays were visible.

Footnote: Whilst it is appreciated that there is a need to limit the number of photographs published in the Community Photographs Gallery, the restriction of one photo per day per photographer prevents narratives being established for dynamic events and more than one related event in the same day. The accompanying multiple image montage is an attempt to compromise. Hope this is acceptable?