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Fredric Walder
Arches National Park
09:36 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon Z7 with 14-30mm f/4 lens set at 26mm, f/4, 20 second exposure, ISO 5000

Post-processing Details:

the shot was split into two masked areas, the sky and the ground, and processes in separate layers of a photoshop file, with the sky receiving additional contrast to show the galaxy and stars, and the ground brightened uniformly to show sandstone which was illuminated by a passing car.

Image Details:

Fall in the northern hemisphere presents the opportunity to see the Milky Way just after sunset. In this photo the famous Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, Jupiter, Saturn, our Milky Way galaxy, and a bit of post sunset Zodiacal Light are all visible. The sky takes on a red tone due to smoke in the atmosphere from fires on the west coast.