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Dr Ski
Valencia Observatory, Central Philippines
03:00 am

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS M100
19mm, f2.8

Image Details:

There is another Summer Triangle in the morning sky now. Mars has formed an acute triangle with Fomalhaut and Diphda (by acute I mean that all interior angles are less than 90°, not that the triangle is adorable).
Fomalhaut is the "Lonely One", but it wont be so lonely with Jupiter and Saturn in the neighborhood thru next year.
Diphda is the tail of Cetus, the whale. It is the brightest star in this huge constellation despite it's Bayer designation of Beta Ceti.
As Mars continues it's eastward travel, this triangle will become a right triangle in a few days. Then of course it will become obtuse (meaning one of the angles will be >90°, not that it will be stupid).
If you're up in the wee morning hours, this is worth checking out!