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Jose Lagos
Vaals, Netherlands
10:00 pm

Equipment Details:

olympus sp-565uz, in evening scene mode, i.e., f/4.4, 1/60 sec shutter speed, ISO 100, 34 mm focal length

Post-processing Details:

At first I didn't see the conjunction in the photo, since the sky is still very bright here at 10 pm in May. Then, I zoomed in, and gave a healthy dose of contrast in a photo editor, to darken the sky, and mercury became much clearer.

Image Details:

Sorry it's late, but at first, I thought that I hadn't caught the conjunction, since the sky was still very bright at 10pm, only 30 minutes after sunset. But, after zooming in, and greatly increasing the contrast to make the sky more dusky, Mercury could be seen more readily. It's the first time I have ever seen this conjunction, and the great difference in brightness between the two planets made it more difficult for the camera to catch at this hour. But, waiting until later means that the clouds roll in, and you can't see anything anymore... Enjoying the other photos of this conjunction...