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Kannan A
Woodlands, Singapore
07:00 am

Equipment Details:

Nikon P900

Image Details:

Took this photo of the upper half of the section of the waning crescent moon on Friday morning on 17 January 2020. Again it was my 'camera only' shot which shows the Mare Imbrium (Latin for "Sea of Showers" or "Sea of Rains") clearly. This vast lava plain is located within the Imbrium Basin on the Moon and said to be one of the larger craters in the Solar System. At a closer look one could see the shadows of the mountains on the plain from the sunlight shining on the moon. Wikipedia had indicated that 'with a diameter of 1145 km, Mare Imbrium is second only to Oceanus Procellarum in size among the maria, and it is the largest mare associated with an impact basin"

The fact is this was taken with Nikon P900 which is not even a DSLR but had a telephoto lens of 2000mm reaching out to the craters of the moon ! Human invention of the camera is simply amazing !