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Nikunj Rawal
Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
09:17 am

Equipment Details:

● Technical details:
Landscape - Canon 77D, Canon 300 mm Lens at 300 mm FL , F13, ISO1600, 1/160
Sky - Canon 77D, Canon 300 mm Lens at 300 mm FL , F13, ISO1600, 1/160 with ND Filter

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Image Details:

"Witnessing Shadow of Moon - Partial Solar Eclipse"

Why Sun looks crescent this way?

73% Maximum Eclipse at 09:17 am at Jamnagar, India on Dec 26 was worth experience to witness & capture the phenomena using a long focal-length telephoto lens with well planned preparations of 2 weeks on top of the Gop Hills Mountain. The Annular Phrase of this Solar Eclipse was not visible here, as this location was not on Antumbra —Annularity path, unlike South Indian states. This sequence is a combination of two consecutive exposures taken with the same camera using the same settings — one taken of the landscape and another of the background of Sun using 3.8mm Baader Filter.
So why doesn't Eclipse occur every month? Because the orbital inclination of the Moon is tilted by 5° to the Earth-Sun Ecliptic plane, which rarely aligns the three celestial objects for an eclipse shadow to occur.