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Peter Andersson
Osby, Sweden
09:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D3100 camera
Nikon 15-115mm zoom objective @15mm
Celestron Alt-Az tracking mount
15 images @30secs each
ISO 1600
F 3.5

Post-processing Details:

15 images shot
Stacked in Deepskystacker
Levels adjusted in Photoshop

Image Details:

Wanted to do a few wideshots of the Milky Way to see if I was able to catch some dark nebulosity.
Centered on M52 which a very dense part, just to have something to track on.

Got plenty of dark dustbands visible, and the image is littered with objects such as starclusters, and Andromedagalaxy also visible, and some red nebula to the left in the image. Doublecluster also visible in the far right corner.