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Nikunj Rawal
Jamnagar, India
05:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Caonon Rebel T3i, Canon 600 mm at 600 mm FL , F25, ISO1600, 1/320 sec of Single Exposure

Post-processing Details:


Image Details:

Re-sharing the "Mercury #Transit Across Sun" on demand, As event just happened today across many countries. Jamnagar was at the edge at the Sunset evening, so could not be witnessed this time.

#Mercury - the closest, the smallest and the ellipsed orbit planet in our solar system has just transited across the Sun on May 9th 2016 from Jamnagar, India. It was a well planned single shot image taken from 400 meter distance away from foreground using ultra-telephoto zoom lens on solar filter kept. Earth sized sunspot AR2542 is visible in center right disc of the Sun. Mercury has tiny size (4,860 km) compare to Sun (13.9 lakh km) projecting in this featured image appears as a small dot.

This was a dream shot and took many days to settle the location, timing and accuracy. Planned for hill/mountain type location a month ago and indentified the Sunset path from Aphemeris. Recki on couple of days back again. On the judgment day, climbed the hill with a chair, water bottles (in 43°C scorching temperature) and a guitar for posing shot. Was around 400 meter away from foreground where ultra telephoto zoom lens was to frame this shot. Challenge was, there was no mobile phone network detectable there creating difficulties in communication with each other. Anyways, result is presentable.