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Willie Zayas
Galvez castle, Toledo, Spain

Equipment Details:

Nikon D850 / Sigma 35 F1.4 at F2 / Skywatcher Adventurer tracking mount
For the forground: 20s at ISO 1600
For the sky: 90s at ISO 500

Post-processing Details:

This photo is a composite of two photographs (foreground/background). Both photographs taken with the same camera/lens combination and the same location.
Lightroom to apply distortion correction and Photoshop to blend the two photographs

Image Details:

This is the Galvez castle (or what's left of it) in the Toledo province in Spain. This photograph is my first attempt at using led lightning for the foreground.

To me, this castle with the Milky Way in the background is like an ancient monument pointing to the stars, standing up to the passage of time.

Thanks for watching.