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Congi Tana
Cypress, TX
08:15 pm

Equipment Details:

iPhone 6S

Post-processing Details:

Originally a video, I isolated this one frame. From there, I cropped it a bit to remove the roof of a house that was one the left side of the photo and did a slight adjustment to the lighting to place more emphasis on the lightning. All adjustments were simply made in the iPhone photo app.

Image Details:

Lightning at Sunset

Generally speaking, I'm terrified of lightning and won’t be found outdoors if there is any. However, my favorite color happens to be orange and I’ve always loved the sky, clouds in particular. So, when I saw the clouds as the sun was setting, I was drawn to it. I had seen one lightning bolt and decided I wanted to capture one on camera. Not having time to grab my DSLR camera, as the sun was quickly setting, I grabbed my phone and started recording, knowing that was my best chance at actually catching one in all its glory. I patiently waited and finally got what I wanted. After that, I didn’t waste any time getting back inside the security of my home.