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Aman Chokshi
Neil Island, India
07:30 pm

Equipment Details:

Sony A7S, canon film lens (50mm f/1.4 FD)

Post-processing Details:

I shot this using a old Canon film lens, 50mm f/1.4 stopped down to f/4. The sky is a stack of 90x8s images, while the foreground is a stack of 3x30s images. I manually aligned the reflected stars in the tide pools, in Photoshop.

Image Details:

I've always believed that the Large Magellanic Cloud was only visible from the southern hemisphere. Walking along the coast of Neil Island, and I noticed this faint bright patch along the horizon. My sky map showed that the Large Magellanic cloud was barely 10 degrees above the horizon, below the bright star Canopus. I immediately set up my camera, and took a long exposure to see if I could capture it. The sky was lit with brilliant airglow, within which a bright density of stars. So thrilled to have shot this!