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Dave Chapman
Halifax, Nova Scotia
09:30 pm

Equipment Details:

These composite image was assembled from 5 images taken with the 24" PlaneWave telescope and camera at the Burke-Gaffney Observatory at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Post-processing Details:

The images were cropped and simply loaded into different layers in an Adobe Photoshop image, then registered manually. No further adjustments were made beyond the automatic processing provided by the robotic telescope itself. See

Image Details:

The composite of 5 images shows the comet moving from east to west (left to right)at intervals of about 24 hours. The telescope was operated remotely in "robotic" mode, while the user was sleeping. Each image is 5 minutes exposure, and the brightest stars are about magnitude 8. The comet is about 1.3 a.u. from Earth and its apparent motion in the sky ranged between 17 and 12 arsceconds per day (a little less than half a Full Moon's width in the sky). Celestial north is up.