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Scott MacNeill
Frosty Drew Observatory, Charlestown, RI
12:13 am

Equipment Details:

Camera: Canon 60D MagicLantern
Telescope: Astronomics AT72ED
Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G
ISO: 320-1250
Exposure: HDR - 5-15 seconds

Post-processing Details:

This is a composite of 9 images to reduce higher ISO noise. The final image is an HDR capture composited of two exposure sets. One at 15 seconds at ISO 1250, the second at 5 seconds at ISO 320.
Composite and minor level adjustments in Photoshop CC

Image Details:

After the winter storm moved out on Sunday afternoon, the temps plummeted into the 20's, creating a flash freeze of 1.5 inches of rain soaked into about 3" of snow. Forecasts called for overcast conditions and temps were forecast to continue dropping. About 8:00 pm, the skies started to clear super fast, and were completely cleared out by 8:30 pm at our location. The skies surprisingly were crystal clear all night. The cold was unwavering and remarkable, with temps dropping to 3ºF this morning, with wind chills around -20ºF. It was cold, but totally worth it. When total eclipse began, thousands of stars, the winter Milky Way, Messier 44, and other deep sky objects became visible alongside the red Moon, stunning! I captured just under 900 images of the eclipse, this is my first release. -Scott