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08:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Edge HD 11" - ZWO 290MC

Post-processing Details:

Stacked 3000 Frames in AS!3 and processed in Photoshop and LR

Image Details:

Moon has lot of interesting features but there three types of land forms that make up the moon's surface, they are Impact Craters, Maria, Highlands.

The images below depict some large craters such as Plato, the interior of the crater has smoothed over from old lava flows.
Lunar Maria are the large, dark, regions of the moon. They do not actually contain any water as it was believed in past, however they are believed to have been formed from molten rock from the moon's mantle coming out onto the surface of the moon few, A portion of Mare Imbrium is visible at the right bottom which looks smooth and flat with numerous wrinkle ridges to the periphery.
The moon's highlands are old mountainous regions. They are light in contrast to the moon's maria.The lunar surface features many mountains such as Montes Alpes, which frequently border the maria or seas. Comparing the diameters of the Earth and Moon, the lunar mountains are proportionally higher. Mons Pico is an isolated mountain with a height of 2400 meters creates an enormous shadow in this picture which shows the sheer height of Mons Pico.