Watch this video of a plunge into an Antarctic lake

Check out this video from McGill University researcher and brave guy Michael Becker. The video lets you come along on Becker’s recent dive to the bottom of an Antarctic lake. The lake, by the way, was covered with eight feet of ice!

Becker wrote in the New York Times in late February 2013:

What we bring up from the depths of Lake Untersee is only the beginning of a long scientific process. All these samples must be carried back to the civilized world, processed and analyzed over the next several months. Only then we will be able to more fully understand the ecosystem of Lake Untersee, and only then will we fully understand the significance of what we’re seeing.

Read Michael Becker’s description of his dive into Lake Untersee in the Times

Bottom line: Video by Michael Becker of his dive to the bottom of one of Antarctica’s ice-covered lakes, Lake Untersee.

March 7, 2013

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