Video of incredible fly swarms happening this week in Wisconsin

These swarming flies on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago are a feast to migrating songbirds … but might give you the creeps.

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic movie The Birds has nothing on the real, huge swarms of lake flies being reported today (May 22, 2014) on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago. Apparently, the flies, which began swarming on Monday, are a yearly occurrence. However, Cynthia Mueller, a naturalist at High Cliff State Park, told USA Today that she hasn’t seen these kinds of numbers in years. Entomology Today said:

Fortunately, these flies in the genus Chironomus are harmless to people … even though some may consider them to be a nuisance.

No kidding! Luckily, the flies are feast for migrating songbirds, experts say.

Read more about swarming flies above Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago at Entomology Today.

The Wisconsin Post-Crescent has a good article on the flies, too.

Deborah Byrd