Watch 3 whales dive, then leap

Whale watchers on a cruise out of Nova Scotia got a thrill when they saw 3 whales breach the surface, one after the other. “We did not drive them,” the cruise director commented.

Ocean Explorations – a whale-watching company in Nova Scotia – posted this video to YouTube on September 3, 2018. It’s a beautiful triple breach by three humpbacked whales. Tom Goodwin describes himself as a biologist and tour director for Ocean Explorations. He’s also the owner and understands that, sometimes, boats will drive whales to breach by approaching them. But that’s not what happened here. He wrote:

We did not drive up to these whales. They surfaced close to us and approached us … I shut off the engines, and they came closer and closer. One approached the Zodiac and interacted with us, coming under the Zodiac, lifting its head beside us before re-joining the others peacefully ‘resting’ … A whale was heard to breach in the distance (1/4 mile?). I think this might have been the ‘inspiration’ for these three?

Bottom line: A video of three whales breaching, one after another.

Deborah Byrd