Watch it get hotter, 1880-2017

An anomaly is something that deviates from what’s standard, or expected. This global warming visualization – created by Antti Lipponen of the Finnish Meteorological Institute – shows yearly temperature anomalies by country.

Check out this 40-second animation showing high and low temperatures of countries around the world over the period 1880 to 2017, created by researcher Antti Lipponen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The animated timeline, based on historical and NASA satellite data, shows unusual dips in year-to-year temperatures (in blue) and above-average spikes (in red). By the time the animation gets to 2017, you see a lot of red! Lipponen said:

It doesn’t look as if climate change is slowing down at all. Quite the opposite: the planet has warmed extremely quickly in the past two decades.

Bottom line: Animated timeline showing temperature anomalies by country, from 1880-2017 based on historical and NASA data.

Eleanor Imster