Where sexes come by the thousands

There is more to sex than male and female. For some species there are hundreds and even thousands of sexes and mating types.

New study on ocean warming: 5 questions answered

A study released this past week reports that oceans absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought. The study estimates that for each of the past 25 years, oceans have absorbed an amount of heat energy that is 150 times the energy humans produce as electricity annually.

5 weird ocean phenomena

Strange things happen in the ocean as a result of weather and currents. These 5 events are just a few of them.

Tricks that animals play

Trick or treat! Here are 3 animals that excel at playing tricks on others – and not just on Halloween!

How 600,000 pounds of dead salmon nourished Alaskan trees

For 20 years, researchers counting dead salmon tossed them on the side of a shallow creek. The result, it turns out, was healthier, faster-growing trees. You’ll enjoy this video.

New species of missing link between dinos and birds

“You could say that it puts Archaeopteryx back on its perch as the first bird!”

Did scientists confirm Earth’s dust cloud satellites?

Have the Kordylewski clouds been confirmed? They were first reported In 1961, 2 clusters of dust, orbiting at about the moon’s distance. They’re faint. Have scientists now detected them?

Check out these 2 rectangular icebergs

These 2 images of sharp-edged icebergs – weirdly perfect rectangles – were captured on the same day by a researcher flying over Antarctica.

NOAA issues 2018-19 Winter Weather Outlook for US

About 3/4 of the United States is more likely to be warmer-than-average than colder-than-average this winter, according the NOAA report, and western drought is likely to persist or worsen.

Eruption of the world’s deepest undersea volcano

A research team has documented a volcanic eruption in the western Pacific Ocean that’s deeper below the ocean surface than Mount Rainier’s height above sea level.