Snowy night landscape with a bright green light across the sky.

Magnetic north is shifting fast. What’ll happen to the northern lights?

As magnetic north shifts increasingly away from the geologic north pole – towards Siberia – studies suggest the northern lights could move with it.

Lush underwater forests … in the Arctic

Did you know that there are hidden underwater forests of large brown seaweeds (kelps) in the Arctic? As temperatures warm, the forests are expanding.

A thin blue-white arc across a black background.

How Venus and Mars can teach us about Earth

The atmospheres of our 2 neighbors Mars and Venus can teach us a lot about past and future scenarios for our own planet.

A man standing ankle-deep in brown water in a wetland grove of trees.

The oldest known tree in eastern North America

Scientists say a bald cypress tree in the North Carolina wetlands is at least 2,624 years old.

Undersea diver in front of a large ray.

Giant devil rays’ secret birthing zone?

The discovery of dozens of pregnant giant devil rays tangled in fishing nets in Mexico’s Gulf of California could mean the endangered species has an unknown birthing zone there, says a new study.

Clouds that look like ocean waves

They’re called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, aka billow clouds or shear-gravity clouds, and they look like breaking ocean waves.

Asteroid hitting Earth.

Asteroid strike simulation blasts New York City

It seems like play, but they’re serious. Every year, at the Planetary Defense Conference, asteroid experts from around the globe run days-long simulations of asteroids headed for major cities. In 2019, it was New York City’s turn.

Arsenic-breathing life discovered in Pacific

Arsenic is a deadly poison for most living things, but new research shows that microorganisms are breathing arsenic in a large area of the Pacific Ocean.

Rows of beach houses, flooded.

It’s Hurricane Preparedness Week. Are you ready?

May 5-11, 2019, is Hurricane Preparedness Week in the U.S. If a hurricane were approaching, would you and your family be ready? This post will tell you how to prepare.

The strangest crab that has ever lived

Meet Callichimaera perplexa, the platypus of crabs. It’s a 95-million-year-old extinct species that, scientists say, will force us to rethink the definition of a crab.