New NatGeo video on world poised for 7 billion inhabitants

As 2011 begins, there are an estimated 6,890,843,863 people on Earth (22:48 UTC Jan 01, 2011). We should reach 7 billion this year.

As 2011 begins, experts are predicting that Earth will reach a population of 7 billion sometime this year. National Geographic has a great new video explaining what that number – 7 billion – means.

How many people in the world today? There are 6,890,843,863 on Earth at 22:48 UTC Jan 01, 2011, according to a U.S. Census Bureau estimate. Want to watch the population creeping up throughout 2011? Bookmark the U.S. and World pop clocks.

If the the NatGeo video scares you, here is the antidote: Hans Rosling, global statistics expert, on numbers and hope

Boomers still rule! As world population increases, the global population, as a whole, will get progressively older. Check out: Carl Haub on the graying of Earth’s population

Via Gawker.

Deborah Byrd