Midnight solstice sun and moon

Two photos from northern Sweden on solstice night, a night of a midnight sun in that part of the world … and also, in 2016, a midnight moon.

Goran Strand

Photograph by Göran Strand. Visit his website, or follow him on Instagram.

EarthSky Facebook friend Göran Strand posted the photo above of the midnight sun on the day of the northern summer solstice, in northern Sweden. He must have captured it just after midnight on June 21, 2016 because he wrote:

This was shot at 00:50 local time when the sun had passed into summer.

The solstice arrived on June 20 at 2234 UTC (0034 on June 21 for Sweden). Thank you, Göran!

And remember that this year’s solstice was accompanied by a full moon. Birgit Bodén is another EarthSky friend on Facebook who is also in northern Sweden. She caught the moon around the midnight hour as well, just 10 minutes earlier than Goran caught his midnight sun, at 00:40 local time.

Thank you, Birgit!

The solstice midnight full moon of northern Sweden - June, 2016 by our friend Birgit Bodén?.

The midnight full moon of northern Sweden at this year’s June solstice by our friend Birgit Bodén.

Bottom line: 2016 solstice midnight moon and sun, by photographers in northern Sweden.

Deborah Byrd